As Fresh as a Used Diaper…

Now let me be straight up with you here. I’m a n00b when it comes to blogging. To tell you the complete honest truth I’m not even that great of a writer. It’s just sometimes I have these thoughts whirling around inside this vast wasteland known as my mind and I have to get these thoughts out. I need a place to articulate my opinions and takes on various issues, tackle them head on let the world know I have a voice too. So I got this crazy idea after reading my fiancés, sisters, boyfriends (say that one ten times) blog to start my own. Suddenly images reminiscent to the red sox 2004 billboard advertising campaign of “Why not us?” dressed with flashy pictures of Manny and Schilling, cycle through my head.


Sitting there beaming with this new idea, head held high wind blowing through my hair I boldly proclaimed “Why not me?” If the Red Sox can break a 86 year old curse why can’t I publish a blog?!?


So I began to rifle through the internet looking at different blogs, getting ideas, making it happen. Then all of the sudden I became sick. The blog world stunk… it has that unmistakable putrid stench of unoriginality. This couldn’t be, the idea of blogging itself is so fresh how can it be so crappy already? I became frantic smoking the Google button like a madman “GIVE ME SOMETHING GOOD!!!” I screamed. Lo and behold much to my disappointment there was nothing… Everyone is doing the same thing… Everyone is taking headlines and posting the news story slapping their own headlines on, whipping it out and calling it a blog! What happened to editorializing? What happened to opinion? What happened to being original?


Now don’t get me wrong there are quite a few great bloggers out there, but frankly I am appalled at how many people trounce over to CNN or Shoutwire, rip a story throw it on their blog as truth then bam that’s it. No opinion, no comments, no nothing! What is the point? What a waist of time!! If you’re not going to write and give us your take why bother even posting it? Why take the extra ten minutes out of your day to sign up to a blogging service and make stupid posts? Why not just register a domain call it your own and point it to


So in saying this here is my hopes. I hope to always be fresh.. I hope that people will enjoy what they read and somehow just maybe perhaps even if they don’t agree with me at all, it will make them think. If I can make you stop for even 20 seconds and say “you know I think he might have something” Then I have done my duty. Sure only 80 people a day read this and 70 are probably my mom and the rest Sarah, but at least Im digging thoughts out of my own head. At least trying to be original.


If you’re a blogger take note of what I’m saying. Give something to your readers. If someone somehow finds you through an obscure Google search have something on your blog that will suck them in when they see it. Give us something to think about, something to be educated by. Who wants a million blogs that all smell the same?



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