The complex infrastructure known as the female mind

This entry is influenced by Relient K’s song “Mood Rings”

“If its drama you want then look no further. They’re like The Real World meets Boy Meets World meets Days of Our Lives. And it just kills me how they get away with murder. They anger you then bat their eyes, those pretty eyes that watch you sympathize”—Relient K

Guys there is just something we will never conquer, claim knowledge to, or even understand. We may joke or claim about knowing and we might even have our female counterparts tricked into thinking we know, but in reality we don’t. It’s hopeless and there is no use in trying because the female psyche is so vast and complex that if it were a factory it would require the government of a small country to run it. I know what you’re thinking… I do. Did I really have to name my blog after a cheesy pop punk song? Well no but I figured it would get more Google hits this way. But in all seriousness what do you suppose is going on up in there most of the time? Can it really only revolve around shoes and weddings? Or is there something else?

Guys whether we like to admit it or not we need girls to keep us sane. I know there are points in every guys life where he thinks he could survive without ever seeing a girl again, but sitting around in your underwear watching reruns of Seinfeld is only fun for so long. Men, girls think we are so hard to figure out. They can’t understand why we like to pretend we are tough and can handle ourselves. Sometimes we even try to convince ourselves that we are tough and don’t need the comfort that a woman can bring. But something that is precedent and prevails through all of the exterior no matter how hard we try to disguise it is the fact that our women have the hand in the relationship almost always. For those that are wondering what the hand is see this (Having hand) Our girls have this way about them that drives our hearts and emotions to the point where we would do literally anything to gain their undivided love and approval. Girls are the ones who have US eating out of their hands no matter how much we try to make the guys think otherwise.

Now something that I will personally never understand about the female mind is how the same jerks and idiots that always treat girls like crap, pressuring girls to give in to their every desire, keep getting all the ladies. Will girls ever wake up? There are millions of guys out there that are just longing to show a girl how amazing she is. Longing to make her a princess, but instead almost 100 times to 1 the girl will go to the guy who is going to steal her innocence and leave her hitchhiking on the freeway at 3 in the morning.

Guys there will always be plenty of things that we will never comprehend about the female. We will surely never get how “going shopping” does not necessarily equate to buying things, or how their closet could be stuffed full yet they neeeeed that new sweater, Or my favorite how one moment they cant stand our guts then the next they cuddle up on the couch beside us and want us to hold them forever. It’s those moments that make all of life’s issues in a relationship worth it. It’s hearing that soft beautiful voice at the end of a long stressful day. It’s having reassurance life is going to be ok. I know in my own life talking to Sarah soothes my nerves and stress, just having her there to listen is all the therapy I need after something disappointing.

Girls we need you, and any guy that cant admit that is a fool. Any guy that doesn’t treat you with the utmost respect, dignity and love is not worthy for even five minutes of your time. Don’t settle ladies find a guy that loves your soul and heart above your body. Once you find this guy the main thing to keep in mind is to be patient with us. Bear with us as we try to find out what makes that brain tick, Don’t expect us to have your mind all mapped out instantly… Why? It truly is complex and magnificent and quite frankly is something we are usually jealous of… maybe that’s why we need you so much…



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5 responses to “The complex infrastructure known as the female mind

  1. imperfectvessel

    Well I for one have not settled and will not settle for less than the absolute best that God has for me. However as I get older (28 and still single) I’m beginning to wonder where those “millions of guys out there that are just longing to show a girl how amazing she is.” are? So far I have not had one single nice stable grounded Christian guy ever show any interest in asking me out, let alone in longing to show me I’m a princess. Of course I have to consider the quite possible chance that I have received the gift of singleness….but nonetheless a girl would like to get asked out just once. And maybe I’m asking too much to want a guy who not only claims to be a Christian, but actually follows up that claim with actions that show he really truly is devoted to serving God and loving Him with all his mind, body, soul, & heart. Just recently I became a “myspacer” and am appalled at how many guys (and girls) claim to be a “Christian-other” yet nothing on their site faintly resembles that choice, stories of partying and getting wasted, or cussing, having sex, etc and so on. Am I asking to much of a guy? just wondering…

    btw…sorry for the rant…it’s been a touchy subject lately….i didn’t mean to go off on ya, and that means i should probably delete this and not post it….but once again i’m going to go against my better judgement and post it. a rant just doesn’t feel like a satisfying rant if no one else reads it. feel free to delete this if you want.

    and maybe this will wake-up some guys to the fact that there is at least one girl who wants to be treated like a princess, but hasn’t been given that opportunity b/c no one has asked her out and as a Christian girl she knows it is not her place to do the asking even though there are several guys she would like to go out with, not necessarily with the intentions of getting married, but just to have fun and hangout and get to know each other better. Although certainly the possibility of marriage is something that will never totally leave the back of my mind….i guess it’s just one of those female things….or maybe it’s just peculiar to me. who knows?

    an imperfectvessel

  2. First of all let me start off by saying thanks for taking time out of your day to not only read my blog but actually make a comment.

    I completely understand your frustration, being someone who just wants to be treated good and to be in love. I for years was the “best friend” guy.

    Im no love expert and Im certainly not Dr. Phil, but what I have found most is that girls just arnt looking past themselves and their own wants to find that guy. Usually its the guy that you say to yourself I could never date him hes like my brother. Or the guy that you feel you can talk to the most. Its those kind of guys that are humble and willing to always be there for you that will make the great husbands.

    I hope I have touched your life in some small way

    In Christ

  3. imperfectvessel

    You’re welcome, I’m sorry I totally went off on a rant like that, I was just really frustrated that day.

    And thank you for replying back to me. And thanks for your advice…. and you’re right…for years I was that kind of girl who wasn’t looking past her own wants….and I’m afraid I still am occasionally…but for the most part I think I’ve gotten over that. Part of the problem is that I live in a very small town and there’s just not that many guys in my age group who are still single and most of the ones who are single are not Christians. I have been talking to one guy on myspace that I used to know in high school, he was in my brother’s class…2 years behind me, and I think he is one of those humble kind who would make a great husband or at the very least a great friend. The trouble is that it is very ingrained in my mind that a girl should not ask a guy out and should be patient and wait until God sends her a mate. Which would not be such a problem except he has several other single girls on his website and they don’t seem to have the same compulsions as I do to not ask a guy out and I guess I’m not trusting God enough, but I’m afraid that one of them will get to him first and I’ll have lost my chance. But I guess if I’m really to walk the walk and not just talk the talk then I just need to give it to God and not worry about it.

    And Thanks, you have helped, just taking the time to reply back to me means alot….and I think just having a chance to write this stuff out has helped me understand it a little better….although I still have this little voice that’s pushing me to ask the guy out…I wish it could be as simple as reading a note from God with him saying it’s ok, you can ask him out…but I don’t guess it’s ever quite that simple is it?

    God Bless,
    Jenny (still very much an imperfectvessel)

  4. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  5. Sign: zdbrw Hello!!! nupeh and 9860afattdwgue and 9061 : I love your blog. 🙂 I just came across your blog.

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