Tories predict minority and some green controversy?

Yesterday in Quebec the Tories made a quick stop hoping to win over some highly lusted after seats held by the Bloc.  While delivering his speech in French Harper suggested that the election will probably end in the result of a Torie minority. This is something that is no news to any voters as polls have been suggesting this throughout the entire campaign.

Something we have to look at however is the fact that even when the Conservatives held an impressive lead of 41 percent in the polls Harper was touting the same speak about only having a minority government. If you take a look at the recent polls it has the Conservatives hovering at 35 percent which is dangerously close to a majority. 

It also had Green Party leader Elizabeth May on her toes, where in an article yesterday by the Canadian press she suggested that voters should look at strategic voting which is to say that if a liberal candidate has a chance to beat a Conservative more than a Green then you should vote Liberal. Something that is very unnerving about her endorsing strategic voting is that her stance has been through the entire campaign that there needs to be change in Ottawa and the Green Party was the one to make this change.  May surely couldn’t possibly be suggesting that she really meant to campaign with the Danny William’s infamous “ABC” strategy? 

Immediatly after catching wind of May’s sudden “support the Liberals” attitude, Dion immediately jumped into action and began campaigning saying if you want to vote Green? then vote Red. The Green party took an immediate dive in the polls dropping down to 9 percent and of course once that happened what do you think Elizabeth May did?

Well early this morning articles  surfaced on CBC suggesting she was misquoted and really wants people to vote Green again? May claims that the previous article was misleading and she didn’t really mean to say vote liberal in close races.  This is pretty hard to believe when she was quoted as saying the following

“there’s no question that there are some riding’s where you might say to vote Green you ought to vote NDP to stop a Conservative from winning, and in some riding’s you might want to vote Liberal to stop a Conservative from winning.”- from CBC Article Elizabeth May

This whole thing is just a bit ridiculous, You have a party who’s hate for the Tories is so much that she would rather have Dion (someone who at this point has in no way proven he could run a daycare let alone a country) in power than the Conservatives.

Then you have Dion on the campaign trail trying to pry votes away from the NDP suggesting that people should “strategically vote” . I just don’t understand why if you truly supported the NDP or Green platforms you would want to put the Liberals in power just so you won’t have a Conservative government. The Liberals are way too risky and they definitely don’t lean towards anything you as a NDP or Green party voter would care about.

I say always vote your heart and your gut. Don’t give in to a politician that will take your vote but then screw you once he takes office by raising taxes beyond what we have ever seen. Our economy is bad enough we don’t need to risk it with Dion and his tax driven Green Shift platform. We need someone that can be calm and that is tested and as of right now the person best suited for the job seems to be Harper.

Happy voting and Happy Thanksgiving


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