My name is Justin I am 24 years old and am happily married to the wonderful Sarah Connors. My blogs are a way of passing my creative genius along to others. I am currently in studies to become a webdesigner and would also love to become a paid tech blogger. 

I love anthing technology and gadgits, I also love to engage in political debates and discussions as well as theological ones. Naturally since those are the things I love this blog will be kind of like that. I will explore various topics providing my insight.  I definitly lean more to the left on certain issues but it makes life interesting.

I can be contacted at connorsj@gmail.com also I am on twitter twitter.com/justinconnors


4 responses to “About

  1. I pledge to be a faithful read of thy blog from this day onward. hahaha. GOod style man, very “donald miller-esq” in a positive, original way. keep er goin.

  2. Marina

    I love Donald Miller. But ya, I’m definetly going to a reader of your blog. Tis very good, from what I’ve read so far…

  3. glad you got it going 🙂

    nice blog buddarino

  4. You like donald miller? then you’d love brian mclaren!

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