Election day and Bloggers beware!

After all the political rhetoric and the five leaders taking stabs at each other whenever possible, the decision is finally in our hands. Voters across the country will head to the polls today to have their say on where the country is headed in the next few years. Election coverage begins on CBC half an hour before the polls close in your local riding area this is of course because there is a federal ban on releasing electoral results from one area of the country before the polls close in another.

In the year 2000 British Columbia software designer Paul Bryan posted results on his blog from the Atlantic Canada polling stations before the stations in the west had closed. He of course was taken to court and convicted having to pay a 1000 dollar fine. The battle went through the ringer in court and had many backers including the CBC but eventually in 2007 the supreme court ruled that the ban will be upheld. It is crazy to believe that this can possibly be enforced in this media obsessed world but it will definitely be interesting to see if anyone else trys to challenge the system tonight.

What do you think? is it possible to uphold a ban that almost seems irrelevant to the communication era we are living in?  We shall see how long this ban will stay relevant.


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Tories predict minority and some green controversy?

Yesterday in Quebec the Tories made a quick stop hoping to win over some highly lusted after seats held by the Bloc.  While delivering his speech in French Harper suggested that the election will probably end in the result of a Torie minority. This is something that is no news to any voters as polls have been suggesting this throughout the entire campaign.

Something we have to look at however is the fact that even when the Conservatives held an impressive lead of 41 percent in the polls Harper was touting the same speak about only having a minority government. If you take a look at the recent polls it has the Conservatives hovering at 35 percent which is dangerously close to a majority. 

It also had Green Party leader Elizabeth May on her toes, where in an article yesterday by the Canadian press she suggested that voters should look at strategic voting which is to say that if a liberal candidate has a chance to beat a Conservative more than a Green then you should vote Liberal. Something that is very unnerving about her endorsing strategic voting is that her stance has been through the entire campaign that there needs to be change in Ottawa and the Green Party was the one to make this change.  May surely couldn’t possibly be suggesting that she really meant to campaign with the Danny William’s infamous “ABC” strategy? 

Immediatly after catching wind of May’s sudden “support the Liberals” attitude, Dion immediately jumped into action and began campaigning saying if you want to vote Green? then vote Red. The Green party took an immediate dive in the polls dropping down to 9 percent and of course once that happened what do you think Elizabeth May did?

Well early this morning articles  surfaced on CBC suggesting she was misquoted and really wants people to vote Green again? May claims that the previous article was misleading and she didn’t really mean to say vote liberal in close races.  This is pretty hard to believe when she was quoted as saying the following

“there’s no question that there are some riding’s where you might say to vote Green you ought to vote NDP to stop a Conservative from winning, and in some riding’s you might want to vote Liberal to stop a Conservative from winning.”- from CBC Article Elizabeth May

This whole thing is just a bit ridiculous, You have a party who’s hate for the Tories is so much that she would rather have Dion (someone who at this point has in no way proven he could run a daycare let alone a country) in power than the Conservatives.

Then you have Dion on the campaign trail trying to pry votes away from the NDP suggesting that people should “strategically vote” . I just don’t understand why if you truly supported the NDP or Green platforms you would want to put the Liberals in power just so you won’t have a Conservative government. The Liberals are way too risky and they definitely don’t lean towards anything you as a NDP or Green party voter would care about.

I say always vote your heart and your gut. Don’t give in to a politician that will take your vote but then screw you once he takes office by raising taxes beyond what we have ever seen. Our economy is bad enough we don’t need to risk it with Dion and his tax driven Green Shift platform. We need someone that can be calm and that is tested and as of right now the person best suited for the job seems to be Harper.

Happy voting and Happy Thanksgiving

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The complex infrastructure known as the female mind

This entry is influenced by Relient K’s song “Mood Rings”

“If its drama you want then look no further. They’re like The Real World meets Boy Meets World meets Days of Our Lives. And it just kills me how they get away with murder. They anger you then bat their eyes, those pretty eyes that watch you sympathize”—Relient K

Guys there is just something we will never conquer, claim knowledge to, or even understand. We may joke or claim about knowing and we might even have our female counterparts tricked into thinking we know, but in reality we don’t. It’s hopeless and there is no use in trying because the female psyche is so vast and complex that if it were a factory it would require the government of a small country to run it. I know what you’re thinking… I do. Did I really have to name my blog after a cheesy pop punk song? Well no but I figured it would get more Google hits this way. But in all seriousness what do you suppose is going on up in there most of the time? Can it really only revolve around shoes and weddings? Or is there something else?

Guys whether we like to admit it or not we need girls to keep us sane. I know there are points in every guys life where he thinks he could survive without ever seeing a girl again, but sitting around in your underwear watching reruns of Seinfeld is only fun for so long. Men, girls think we are so hard to figure out. They can’t understand why we like to pretend we are tough and can handle ourselves. Sometimes we even try to convince ourselves that we are tough and don’t need the comfort that a woman can bring. But something that is precedent and prevails through all of the exterior no matter how hard we try to disguise it is the fact that our women have the hand in the relationship almost always. For those that are wondering what the hand is see this (Having hand) Our girls have this way about them that drives our hearts and emotions to the point where we would do literally anything to gain their undivided love and approval. Girls are the ones who have US eating out of their hands no matter how much we try to make the guys think otherwise.

Now something that I will personally never understand about the female mind is how the same jerks and idiots that always treat girls like crap, pressuring girls to give in to their every desire, keep getting all the ladies. Will girls ever wake up? There are millions of guys out there that are just longing to show a girl how amazing she is. Longing to make her a princess, but instead almost 100 times to 1 the girl will go to the guy who is going to steal her innocence and leave her hitchhiking on the freeway at 3 in the morning.

Guys there will always be plenty of things that we will never comprehend about the female. We will surely never get how “going shopping” does not necessarily equate to buying things, or how their closet could be stuffed full yet they neeeeed that new sweater, Or my favorite how one moment they cant stand our guts then the next they cuddle up on the couch beside us and want us to hold them forever. It’s those moments that make all of life’s issues in a relationship worth it. It’s hearing that soft beautiful voice at the end of a long stressful day. It’s having reassurance life is going to be ok. I know in my own life talking to Sarah soothes my nerves and stress, just having her there to listen is all the therapy I need after something disappointing.

Girls we need you, and any guy that cant admit that is a fool. Any guy that doesn’t treat you with the utmost respect, dignity and love is not worthy for even five minutes of your time. Don’t settle ladies find a guy that loves your soul and heart above your body. Once you find this guy the main thing to keep in mind is to be patient with us. Bear with us as we try to find out what makes that brain tick, Don’t expect us to have your mind all mapped out instantly… Why? It truly is complex and magnificent and quite frankly is something we are usually jealous of… maybe that’s why we need you so much…


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As Fresh as a Used Diaper…

Now let me be straight up with you here. I’m a n00b when it comes to blogging. To tell you the complete honest truth I’m not even that great of a writer. It’s just sometimes I have these thoughts whirling around inside this vast wasteland known as my mind and I have to get these thoughts out. I need a place to articulate my opinions and takes on various issues, tackle them head on let the world know I have a voice too. So I got this crazy idea after reading my fiancés, sisters, boyfriends (say that one ten times) blog to start my own. Suddenly images reminiscent to the red sox 2004 billboard advertising campaign of “Why not us?” dressed with flashy pictures of Manny and Schilling, cycle through my head.


Sitting there beaming with this new idea, head held high wind blowing through my hair I boldly proclaimed “Why not me?” If the Red Sox can break a 86 year old curse why can’t I publish a blog?!?


So I began to rifle through the internet looking at different blogs, getting ideas, making it happen. Then all of the sudden I became sick. The blog world stunk… it has that unmistakable putrid stench of unoriginality. This couldn’t be, the idea of blogging itself is so fresh how can it be so crappy already? I became frantic smoking the Google button like a madman “GIVE ME SOMETHING GOOD!!!” I screamed. Lo and behold much to my disappointment there was nothing… Everyone is doing the same thing… Everyone is taking headlines and posting the news story slapping their own headlines on, whipping it out and calling it a blog! What happened to editorializing? What happened to opinion? What happened to being original?


Now don’t get me wrong there are quite a few great bloggers out there, but frankly I am appalled at how many people trounce over to CNN or Shoutwire, rip a story throw it on their blog as truth then bam that’s it. No opinion, no comments, no nothing! What is the point? What a waist of time!! If you’re not going to write and give us your take why bother even posting it? Why take the extra ten minutes out of your day to sign up to a blogging service and make stupid posts? Why not just register a domain call it your own and point it to www.cnn.com?


So in saying this here is my hopes. I hope to always be fresh.. I hope that people will enjoy what they read and somehow just maybe perhaps even if they don’t agree with me at all, it will make them think. If I can make you stop for even 20 seconds and say “you know I think he might have something” Then I have done my duty. Sure only 80 people a day read this and 70 are probably my mom and the rest Sarah, but at least Im digging thoughts out of my own head. At least trying to be original.


If you’re a blogger take note of what I’m saying. Give something to your readers. If someone somehow finds you through an obscure Google search have something on your blog that will suck them in when they see it. Give us something to think about, something to be educated by. Who wants a million blogs that all smell the same?


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Never take that for granted, ever!

This Entry is inspired by the life of the late Pastor Kyle Lake

In life there are two things we know for sure.

One: With every passing day death is drawing near


Two: Jack Bauer is invincible and will always save the world.

We live life almost taking every step for granted. Your guilty of it, Im definitely guilty of it. But what else in our lives do we take for granted?

I Remember when I was in High School I had it made. I had a great job that made people jealous, Awesome friends that I could call upon any time of the night and my 1993 Nissan Sentra. On top of that I had my Dads company gas card in my wallet at all times. These things were a given. I had Marcus’ house to go hang out at with the boys every Friday night guaranteed. I had a job where I actually got payed to play arcade games and lazer tag. I had the car I could haul around my friends and girls I wanted to impress. On top of that I didn’t even need to pay to do the hauling! Those were the things I knew I had beyond a shadow of a doubt. But life’s situations has a way of doing a complete reverse 180 on you. After High school was over those Friday nights with the boys started to become less frequent. That wicked Job that suited me in High School wasn’t gonna cut it with only a few hours to offer during the week. The Car? well the next March I got in a minor accident and it shot the insurance up so High that the company didn’t even want to insure me anymore. I haven’t driven since. Without a car the gas card was useless so I reluctantly turned it over. You see those things I took for granted. I thought those summers of no responsibilities and driving around would last me forever! I was unstoppable.

In my story, sure the things were minor but never the less I took all those things for granted and now they are no longer here. People every day are taking things for granted.

Perhaps for the wealthy its their money and security.
For the family man his wife and kids, for the 6 year old his Mom will always be there to Love him. But what happens when that is all stripped away and your left with nothing?

It reminds me of a man named Job. This guy had everything. Think about someone you know that has it all, the bling, the crib, the hot girls, the perfect sons and daughters. Whoever your thinking of thats what Job was.This guy was loaded, Litterally the Richest man in his country. One day before Job could even speak he was informed all his wealth was gone, all his servants had been killed, and worst of all his whole family save his wife died in a tragic accident.

How would you handle this? I don’t even know where to begin about myself. I think Id be in a ball on the ground unable to think or move. Seriously how would you handle all that news at once?

This is how Job handled it.

21He said,

    “I came naked from my mother’s womb,
       and I will be stripped of everything when I die.
    The LORD gave me everything I had,
       and the LORD has taken it away.
    Praise the name of the LORD!”

Can you freaking imagine?? this seriously blows me away. Who in there right mind would ever praise God for that happening to them??

I cant imagine someone walking up to me and all in one breath saying; 

“By the way Justin Sarah just died in a tragic car accident, oh ya the student loan place called and they say they need all 50 thousand dollars tomorrow or its court, Did I also mention that when your family was flying to Florida their plane went down and they died? Unfortunatly The insurance policy expired the day before they left so you’ve inherited the debt for everything”.

To think I was upset about the car being taken away! I don’t even know how I would handle that news, but I do know how freaking hard it would be to get on my knees and Thank and Praise God!
Now those things all happening in one day likely would never happen unless I was in fact Jack Bauer. So lets look at things on a lower scale.

Perhaps your around some great friends and your only going to be around them for a year. Don’t take those friendships for granted Because you never know when you’ll miss them.

Perhaps your in a serious relationship, Never take that person for granted always appreciate everything they are and everything they bring to the table on a daily basis. You never really know how much longer you have with them either in this life.

Perhaps just maby thanking God and praising him when everything is going amazing instead of letting him fall by the wayside could just possibly lead you to do it when all that you’ve known is suddenly stripped from you.

See that’s How I think Job did it. He loved God for the good times. After he just had a simple conversation with his son He thanked God for the opportunity. When he was among great friends and people He later thanked God for being so kind. Then when bad things hit he knew that God could just as easily take away and He thanked God without understanding even when his human flesh probably really wasn’t thankful.

There was a young pastor by the name of Kyle Lake that was suddenly and tragically taken from this life at the young age of 33. He left behind a wife one daughter and two twin boys. Do you think his family was ready for such a tradegy? Do you think Kyle was ready to leave this earth at such a young age? Fortunatly for Kyle he understood how much every waking moment meant to him on earth. The morning he passed away he was going to preach a sermon. I will leave you with an excerpt from Pastor Kyle Lakes final sermon . Read these words pray about them and realize that You can never take this life or things in it for granted. If you do, when tragedy strikes you will be completely paralyzed.

Live. And Live Well.
BREATHE. Breathe in and Breathe deeply. Be PRESENT. Do not be past. Do not be future. Be now.
On a crystal clear, breezy 70 degree day, roll down the windows and FEEL the wind against your skin. Feel the warmth of the sun.
If you run, then allow those first few breaths on a cool Autumn day to FREEZE your lungs and do not just be alarmed, be ALIVE.
Get knee-deep in a novel and LOSE track of time.
If you bike, pedal HARD… and if you crash then crash well.
Feel the SATISFACTION of a job well done—a paper well-written, a project thoroughly completed, a play well-performed.
If you must wipe the snot from your 3-year old’s nose, don’t be disgusted if the Kleenex didn’t catch it all… because soon he’ll be wiping his own.
If you’ve recently experienced loss, then GRIEVE. And Grieve well.
At the table with friends and family, LAUGH. If you’re eating and laughing at the same time, then might as well laugh until you puke. And if you eat, then SMELL. The aromas are not impediments to your day. Steak on the grill, coffee beans freshly ground, cookies in the oven. And TASTE. Taste every ounce of flavor. Taste every ounce of friendship. Taste every ounce of Life. Because-it-is-most-definitely-a-Gift.”

-Pastor Kyle Lake  (June 12, 1972 – October 30-2005)

If you want more information on Pastor Kyle Lake check out his books at www.relevantbooks.com. Also visit his church’s site which has set up a trust for his family and kids at http://www.ubcwaco.org/2004/ubc_holder.html.

Other Kyle lake Links:



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Being held to a higher standard?


Well this is an older article of mine that I wrote But since I am on my way to Soul Fest tomorrow morning here is my tribute to the Christian music industry enjoy… 

Holding “Christian” artists to a higher standard
Sep 21 2005 15:09
Something I have noticed in the Christian music industry is how gullible and dumb most of the fans are. Now here me out before you get mad and disagree. Also hear me out before you get happy and strongly agree with that statement.

If your not a Christian, or if you are and your just not acquainted with the Christian industry then let me explain something. As Christians we like to feel like we have examples to look up to that never do wrong. Fans of Christian bands hold them up to this high standard and ask questions when meeting the band such as, “how are you doing in your spiritual life?” or “what are you struggling with?”

Because we hold these guys up to such a high standard when Christians hear a member of a band swear or say something or do something that perhaps the person doesn’t think is “Godly” then the person gets disappointed and tells all their friends how much of a heathen that band is.

These kinds of standards is what drives good bands such as stavesacre, mxpx, P.O.D. Switchfoot etc away from the Christian music scene.

Just because someone has faith in God and calls themselves a Christian does this mean that they have to be perfect in everything they do? They have bad days, trials and misery just like the rest of us living our daily lives.

Now to my thesis statement. I made that statement because most fans of the industry will just automatically assume that a band is Christian if CCM or a Christian record label says they are. People that have the boldness to say that DC Talk is all Christians but MxPx isn’t just because of their label status are shallow minded. Does a band being on a label make them anymore than they are? Just because DC Talk says Jesus 5 times in their songs does that make them more spiritual than Mxpx?

Something to think about. Don’t follow blindly into the Christian music industry. Why? because that’s what it is, an industry. Like it or not your beloved Christian record labels are about making money. Not a ministry as we would like to think. Despite what we think we know, these labels we call Christian labels are mostly owned by Secular company’s such as cbs sony etc. Do you think CBS cares about the ministry objectives of a band? Ill let you answer that one.

Christian music USED and I stress USED to be a ministry. Being at a Christian festival is now no different from secular ones minus drugs alchohol and anti abortion shirts.

To say that you think the Christian music world is purely ministry in the eyes of all involved is lying to yourself. Pure example…….the dove awards

I hope you think about what I said and the next time you are about to pass judgement on a band saying “their jerks” or whatever else people say about them…remember there just like you.

I will leave you with some lyrics about this subject by a band called emery.
“Listening To Freddy Mercury”

Every once in a while I think I’m lying.
Take it to the bank. I believe every word I say.
(This just isn’t how, this just isn’t how)
Then again this is when you start your prying.
(This just isn’t how, this just isn’t how)
But there’s a thought it could be true.
But this just isn’t how I imagined it would be.
With these random people just asking the most personal things.
And to think that somehow I could always come clean.
And you shake your head just like you know what I mean.

You’re a Christian tell the sinner find repentance it’s your last chance.
You believer, where’s your patience?
Answer questions, put on faces.
What about God? For you and for me.

All have fallen short (To see if it’s right or wrong to listen to this song.
I don’t want you too. To see if you’re okay with all the words I say.
It can’t be this way)

Somehow, someone is more equal than others.
Depending on the words we choose to say.
A glance at her too long tonight.
But everything I am saying is right in your ears.

We are all the sisters and the brothers.
Until we find we don’t believe the same, like…

Gary is getting drunk to forget Sarah.
Sarah is stealing money from her parents.
Aaron is lying straight to Jon.
About Megan and the things that went on.
Jessica is a gossip, Laura is a slut.
Derrick hits Bridget and Ben deals drugs.
Seth spends all his money gambling.
Joey stopped praying.

It’s all the same.
We are all the same people.
With sinning hearts that make us equal.

Here is my hand, not words said desperately.
It is not our job to make anyone believe.

any questions or comments hit me with them



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